Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby is the Packs most popular event of the year. It is a racing event for Cub Scouts only, where cub scouts have to make their own race cars from an official kit containing a block of pine, plastic wheels and four metal axles.

The race track is a professional 6 lane aluminum track with computerized timing. All Cars are raced once on all tracks to ensure fairness of timings as lanes can vary.

A software application called Derby Master is used to log, manage and compute race results. Winners are chosen by rank and from the best average time of all races.

There are strict rules regarding the construction of the car to ensure that all cars follow the same specifications. The rules can be found here. There are thousands of designs, tips, tricks and best practices that can be found in books or on the internet.

Pinewood Derby is also the January Pack Meeting.

For more Information Click here.  Click here for the check in sheet for Weigh-In.

For 2012 Pinewood Derby results, click here.