What Will Scouting Cost Me?

Program costs to Pack 872 are $250 per year for each child to experience the wonderful programs that the Pack has to offer. However that is the amount out of pocket only without volunteering and participation in pack fundraising efforts. The cost structure has been designed to reduce out of pocket costs to the pack to as low as $25 to $75 dollars per program year if you maximize all we can offer in volunteering and the selling of popcorn.

The cost is split in to two payments:

  • $100 due the last week of September or upon joining and can be offset by volunteering.
  • $150 due the third week of January and can be offset by fundraising.

Some additional costs such as the uniform and select pack events are not included in pack program costs.

You can pay for your dues by handing a check to your Den Leader, the Committee Chair, Cubmaster, or Treasurer. Or you can pay by clicking on the Paypal links on this page. To pay by credit card, please talk to the Committee Chair or Cubmaster for more information.

How you can offset the program costs

Volunteering. While the program is from the Boy Scouts of America, it is the parents that implement the program. Our pack policy is that all families contribute in their dens. However we need help at other levels too. Your son the rest of the pack succeed by the help and dedication of the parents in the pack. For committing to fill one of the named volunteer positions in the pack, we offer credit towards the first payment. There are different positions available at different commitment levels. There are many “A” level volunteer positions that offer a $100 credit against the first payment, many “B” positions that offer a $50 credit against the first payment, and many “C” positions that offer a $25 credit against the first payment. Descriptions of the various volunteer positions are available on the pack website. Please talk to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair for more information.

Fundraising. Popcorn Sales are the main source of income for the Pack. The scout is encouraged to pay his own way by working on BSA approved money-earning projects like popcorn. Not only will selling popcorn earn a scout fabulous awards and prizes, but participation in popcorn sales helps offset the second payment. Any amount of popcorn sales will help reduce the amount of your second payment by a prorated amount. Reaching $650 in sales will cover the second payment entirely! (Plus, your son will receive some cool prizes from Trails End!)

A limited numbers of scholarships are available. Pack 872 follows BSA guidelines for Scholarships. Please speak with the Committee Chair regarding the specifics.

Up to $100 due the last week of September 2015!

Note: If you are unsure how much you owe, please send an email to: