Of the 10 Purposes of Cub Scouting, our hiking program focuses on three (Sportsmanship and Fitness, Fun and Adventure, Preparation for Boy Scouts) and touches on several others (Good Citizenship through our focus on Leave No Trace,Personal Achievement through our hiking awards program, and Friendly Service through our annual service hike). 
Our hiking program runs year-round, with at least one Pack hike per month (except December). Some of our "hikes" are special outings such as snowshoeing, service hikes, etc. Many of our hikes are free, though some will require park passes or entrance fees, and some of the special outings may have additional costs.

Our Pack has a hiking rewards program as well!
The rewards are designed to encourage the boys to get out and hike, whether with their fellow scouts or with their families. Parents are responsible for informing Den Leaders when boys have earned one of these awards. The program includes the following rewards, which are pictured below:

The Hiking Stick will still be awarded after a total of 5 hikes, including Pack, Den and Family outings. Boys can take as long as they need to get to 5 hikes (i.e.: they don't have to start over every year), as long as all 5 are completed while he is a Cub Scout. 

Each Program Year (July-June), boys can earn a Medallion for their rank (Arrow of Light for Webelos II) by completing 10 hikes during that program year, including Pack, Den and Family outings. If they earn the medallion before earning their rank, they will receive the medallion after they earn the rank. If they do not make it to 10 hikes during the program year, they can not carry over the hikes from the last year to count towards their new rank medallion (e.g.: If a boy makes 7 hikes in his Bear year, he will not get the Bear medallion, and he will still have to do 10 hikes in his Webelos I year to earn the Webelos medallion). 

Hikes counted towards the hiking stick award and the Bobcat Medallion that were completed within the same program year can also be counted towards the current rank medallion (e.g.: A boy who is new to the pack completes 10 hikes in his first program year. He will earn his hiking stick, Bobcat Medallion, and rank Medallion).